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On Saturday afternoon Charlie and Laura from the team went to Notting Hill in London to see Louise Brealey perform in the modernised play; The Trojan Women. We attended the matinee performance and watched Miss Brealey play an outstanding 3 roles in 90 minutes. Her talent was clear and evident…

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    Good news! If you haven’t seen this on Louise’s Twitter then we’ll update you!
    Louise will be starring in a new play in London from 8th of November to the 15th of December called the Trojan Women, directed by Christopher Haydon.
    It runs from Monday - Saturday with 3PM and 7.30PM performances, it’s also advised for those of the age of 16 and above.

    For a full ticket it is £20, £15 for discounts (check out the website for more information) and £10 for ‘gatecrasher’ tickets, which you can currently buy online for preview performances and 3PM showings. You can book them all online or call the box office at 020 7229 0706.

    Snippet from the website;
    "the war is over. Beyond the prison walls, Troy and it’s people burn.
    Inside the prision, the city’s captive women await their fate. Stalking the antiseptic confines of its mother and baby unit is Hecuba, the fallen Trojan queen. But her grief at what has been before will soon be drowned out by the horror of what is yet to come, as the Greek lust for vengeance consumes everything - man, woman and baby - in its path.
    This radical new version of Euripedes’ calssic tragedy comes from one of the UK’s most exciting young poets - Caroline Bird. Directed by the Gate’s Artistic director Christopher Haydon, its is an intense, gripping look at what happens when the world collapses”

    The location of the play is:
    Gate Theatre,
    11 Pembridge Road,
    Notting Hill Gate,
    W11 3HQ,
    Nearest tube station is; Notting Hill Gate

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      An entry for the Louise Brealey project! - Email us your entries to tvandfilmprojects@gmail.com asap to win signed Sherlock merchandise and free Sherlock books!

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        TV / Film Projects: Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey attend the 2012 Cheltenham Literature Festival


        On Saturday October the 6th Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, known for roles in films such as; War Horse, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, and the new Hobbit movie, Took to the stage accompanied by actress, journalist and producer Louise Brealey. As they made an appearance a room containing…

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            varjaks said,
            I know this is cutting it short but can I still send you guys a picture of a short letter for Louise or is it too late?

            No it’s fine! We are closing off the project soon, but you can still send us an entry. You’ll also make it in time for the prizes. - Charlie 

            1 year ago

            If so Terri, Laura and Charlie will be around somewhere! Try and spot us…If you do attend we’d love to say ‘hi’ to you all. Also Terri will be bringing the fanbook for Louise and Charlie will be bringing the fanbook for Martin Freeman. If you see us then you can handwrite a small message to go inside the book. We’ll bring pens so don’t worry about that! All we’re looking for is a message for each of them along these lines;

            Dear Louise,
            I’m a massive fan of you and your work! You were amazing at playing Molly Hooper in Sherlock. If it was up to me I’d hand over all the BAFTA’s to you! Good luck with series three and other projects that come your way!
            Lots of Love from…. 

            But we’d love for your note to stand out so make it as original as possible. But please note that we don’t want any swearing or sexual references. Please keep OTP’s and fanfiction down to a minimum and by all means write your Twitter name down, but please avoid asking her to follow you! She’s a celebrity who’s busy, she doesn’t really have time for it although she’d probably love to!

            - Charlie

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                morbidmegz said,
                I very much would like to show Loo how much I support and love her as an actress and just a person in general! I will get cracking on making something to display such feelings! Thank you ever so much for this wonderful page! ~MorbidbyDefault~

                That’s wonderful to hear! We’re looking forward to receiving an entry from you soon. Just remember lengthy letters are much wanted! Thank you for your message, have a wonderful evening! - Charlie

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                Less than 20 minutes ago Louise tweeted:
                "Evenin’ all. Might ask Benedict a few questions from Twitterers at Sat’s Q+A. There’s nothing you’d like me to ask, right?  

                Shortly after Twitter exploded! As questions started pouring in ready for Benedict Cumberbatch to answer, right now ‘#cumberquest is fifth on the United Kingdom trend list. We don’t think Louise was quite ready for the amount of replies and responses she started to receive as she just tweeted the following; 
                "Shit. It’s trending. *switches off computer and runs screaming down the road* 

                Well girls and guys get those tweets in now! Tweet what question you’d ask Benedict and don’t forget to attach the hashtag #cumberquest.

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                    ishouldreallygetofftheinternet said,
                    I would love to be a part of the TV/Film project for Loo :)

                    That’s brilliant! We’ve got about 75/80 picture messages so we’re now looking for letters. Would you like to write Louise a letter? If you get stuck for ideas just let us know - Charlie

                    1 year ago

                    A couple of weeks ago TV/Film Projects announced they were going to do a project for Louise Brealey, and have teamed up with us to get as many people involved as possible!

                    So what is all this about?
                    We decided to give Loo a boost of confidence to show her how much her fans really do adore her! There are thousands of you, just look at how many follow her on Twitter. So from that moment the Louise Brealey Fanbook Project was introduced, allowing all of Loo’s fans to create pictures and messages to be placed in a book which would be handed over to her. 

                    Will it get to her or just her agent?
                    It will get to her! - Terri and Charlie and Laura from TV/Film Projects met Louise in July and told Louise about the project and she seemed over joyed about it!

                    Well what do we get out of it?
                    Other than getting the amazing opportunity of Loo seeing your personal letter you could win a free Sherlock book to start with. Also you’ll be entered into the online auction to win a copy of series one of Sherlock signed by Louise Brealey herself! 

                    That’s great! Where do I sign up?
                    Here! -
                    Just leave us a message in our ask box saying that you’d like to take part. We’ll get straight back to you! Or if you’ve already completed your entry then email it to tvandfilmprojects@gmail.com

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